Gateways to the Underworld


Cenote Tours

The Word cenote comes from the Mayan Word Dzonot, which means "The Gateway to the underworld".
Enjoy 3 different cenotes and learn about the geology of the Yucatan Peninsula

  • 10:00 am Pick up from hotel
  • 11:00 am Arriva lat the first Cenote, an open one which invites ut to jump from the cliff and where we will talk about the formation and history of the Cenotes.
  • 12:30 am Arrival to the second Cenote and walk through the cavern, enjoying and learning  about the formation of speleotherms (Stalactites and stalagmites)
  • 01:30 pm Arrival to the third Cenote which is a cave that allows us to swim trough in into the Maya Underworld
  • 03:00 Ceviche at the beach (the best)
  • 04:00 Drop off in hotels


All the tours include transportation in a van with a/c and trinks (water and beer)
guide, all entrance fees, equipment and lunch.


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