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Welcome to Scuba Tulum! Here you can find here all the information about Cenote Diving and Ocean Diving around Tulum on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Tulum is very famous for its pyramid in front of beautiful beaches, crystal clear water perfect for those who begin to dive and for those who already practice Scuba Diving.

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But what else is so special in this region of the Earth?

In the Yucatan Peninsula there are not rivers, not as we normally know, all the rivers are underground. The peninsula is a great sponge where rivers flow under the earth, rivers of water as clear as anywhere else you've seen. This subterranean world was seen by the ancient Mayans as the underworld Xibalba, and cenotes were the windows to this world.

If you travel in the Yucatan Peninsula and do not visit a cenote, your trip will be incomplete, you should enjoy at least one of these wonderful places where the combination of water and light are one of the most beautiful views you've ever seen.

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  • Scuba Tulum, on a recent visit, provided one of our party with a "Try Scuba" package. I'm an experienced diver and did three cenote dives with Guide/Instructor/Cave Certified Luis. He was pleasant, articulate, helpful, expert, and fun to dive with.

    Sigi71115 ― Vermont


  • Great dive shop :)
    This is a great dive shop, well run and organized for a good price. Rubi was a great instructor, we dove the pit and dos ojos which was a great combo.

    George A ― USA


  • Excellent Cenote Dives
    The staff were very friendly and made excellent recommendations about diving as well as other activities in the area. The dives were absolutely magnificent, ask for Luis.

    Mieke F ― Pekín, China