Cenote Angelita

20180221  TSG0146

If you talk with somebody who already dove Angelita, is going to remember it like one of the most amazing and interesting places, is an unforgettable dive. If you search for Angelita in the web you are going to find many fans. We descend to 90 feet 30 meters (like a free fall) to find a white and dense cloud where you can see like an island with some trees. After you see the cloud, you think “this is the bottom”, but no! Is only the beginning, we cross it; you can see how the divers and also you disappear inside the cloud… to find after that again crystal clear water. Do you want to try? 


  • Depth 30 meters (90 feet)
  • Entrance to cenote $ 300 pesos
  • Level / Certification required: Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Halocline, cloud of hydrogen sulfide

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