El Pit / Dos Ojos

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2 or 3 dives Pit, Dos Ojos and Batcave

The most beautiful cenote, a magic place.


The Pit

According to the standards we start with the deepest dive: The Pit. Both sites are at Dos Ojos Park with around 3 km of distance between each other. It is very difficult to say which is the most beautiful cenote but the Pit is a magic place. Imagine: the sun rays penetrate until 90 feet/30 meters crashing with a thin white hydrogen sulfid cloud.

Dos Ojos

“Dos Ojos” means “two eyes”, and comes from the two circular-shaped cenotes that are located very close to each other. Dos Ojos Cenote is renowned for its stunning crystal-clear water and breathtaking formations. The cenote features a network of tunnels and caverns that have been formed over thousands of years, creating a unique underwater landscape.

During the dives, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the beauty of Dos Ojos up close. The water clarity is exceptional, allowing you to see the intricate formations in all their glory. The limestone ceilings of the cenote are adorned with delicate stalactites, creating a mesmerizing sight.


6 hours


  • All equipment & light
  • Water and snacks
  • Small groups and personal service—maximum of 4 divers per guide
  • Transportation between the dive shop and the dive sites


  • Level / Certification required: Advanced Open Water Diver, Deep Diving specialty or higher with
  • No more than 1 year without diving.
  • All tours are subject to weather conditions.
  • Halocline, cloud of hydrogen sulfide
  • Entrance fee the pit and dos ojos 600 pesos (not included)
  • Ages 15+